Shooting from the field gave me a unique perspective I never thought of as a fan in the stands before so I thought I’d offer some thoughts for anyone interested.  These come from my observations from the 2014 season.

- Most fun team in the dugout: Milwaukee Brewers - Best fan friendly team: Houston Astros - Best home run celebration: LA Dodgers (I love the bubbles and group jumping); second goes to Oakland A’s - Most likely to get an autograph: Philadelphia Phillies; honorable mentions are Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros - Least likely to get an autograph: Anaheim Angels (sorry but definitely stingiest team by a long ways) - Nicest player: A.J. Ellis, LA Dodgers - Most impressive bench for talent: Washington Nationals - Cleanest dugout: Pittsburg Pirates  - Friendliest opposing teams with each other: Anaheim & Boston (hug-fest) - Happiest Team: Chicago Cubs - Nicest base coach: T Brock, Houston - Best player for dynamic shots: Dee Gordon, LA Dodgers - Most annoying base coach: Stu Cole, Colorado (he might be nice but it’s almost impossible to shoot from third base side when he’s on the field because he constantly walks around in front of the photographers) - Best team not in playoffs: Milwaukee - Better than they look: (San Francisco - sorry but they look like a scrub team but they just win) - Player I’d most want in the clubhouse and on the field: Clayton Kershaw, LA Dodgers (nice, humble, cool, talented, loves Jesus).

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