About B-House Photography

Thanks for visiting my site.  "B-House" is not an agency, it is a person, my nickname.  My site was criticized by one of the top pro photographers in the world because of the name of my site is confusing, I guess he expected it to be photos of houses.  I'm sorry if it confuses him or you but it's the name I go by so I'm going to keep using it.  Also, I know of at least eight other photographers that also use the name "B-House Photography" or a variation of it so not all pics that you see under that name on the internet are mine.  Last, this site used to include many genres but I've changed it from representing all of my genres to just representing sports since that is now what I primarily shoot.


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The Logo

Finally, I'm not sure when, how, or why this happened but my first custom logo was compromised by one of the other "BHouse" photographers and I began to see it on pics that weren't mine and I didn't want associated with me.  This was a real bummer because I paid for the logo and also I really liked it.  I ended up going back and having them re-make it unique but similar so I at least I can tell which are mine.  I'll enjoy this one as long as I can until I'm forced to create another. 

In short, just because you happen upon a photo with my old logo doesn't mean it's mine.  In fact, if it's not sports, military, swing dance, or a landscape you can probably assume it's not mine. 


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